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If you are over 18 years old, you have an estate plan whether or not you have a will or a trust. Indiana’s Intestacy laws govern what happens to your stuff after death. However, the plan that the state has laid out for your family may not be in line with your wishes.

A properly drafted and executed estate plan can replace the state’s plan and allow all of your wishes are carried out after death.



When folks grow older, the family dynamic changes. Some of the changes that occur are expected, however, others come out of nowhere from a sudden turn of events. It could be a health crisis, an accident, or the doctor telling you that your spouse or parent has early onset Alzheimer’s. Elder Law helps give families peace of mind during both the planned and unplanned events that come with life and aging.

Whether your family member’s circumstances change to include assisted living, skilled nursing for long term care, home care, guardianship, health care representative documents, Elder Law planning can provide a path to make the road to the future manageable.



Today’s world is complex. If you own a business, are a healthcare professional, or have worked diligently to accumulate a nest egg, protecting your assets is a necessity. Asset Protection is a method to insure against loss of your nest egg due to a lawsuit, creditors or long-term care. This type of legal planning is particularly effective for professionals and business owners.

It enables you to control the risk of loss of your personal assets as a result of your business dealings, and is an important tool in managing the risk of loss associated with long-term care healthcare needs.


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Power Of Attorney

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Health Care Directives

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Learn the different types of wills and how you can protect your assets.

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